IntaPos (Point of sales) Restaurant Management is a real time system required for restaurants, night clubs, quick service restaurants, and to manage delivery, takeaway and other restaurant operations. Its simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes IntaPOS a great system for your POS needs.
While this can be integrated to the Boost Cloud or Windows PMS, it enables the facility of room posting bills to in-house guests.

Reservation Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Quick Booking Management
Order Operation Management
  • Line/ Full Discount Management
  • Complementary Management
  • Service Charge On/ Off
  • VAT On/ Off
Fast Food Management
  • Direct Sales
  • Fast Food Collects Option
  • Save Order History
  • Fast Food Guest Management
Tabs Management
  • Save Order History
  • Tabs Guest Management
Kitchen Order Management
  • Kitchen Display Unit
  • KOT/ BOT Unit
Deliver Management
  • Order/ Guest Info Management
  • Rider and Delivery Tracking Panel
Admin Panel
  • Order Cancellation
  • Payment Cancellation
  • User Reset
  • Shift Management
  • Day End Process
  • Printer Reset
  • Receipt Reprint
  • KOT Reprint
POS Report
  • Daily Sales/ Product/ Category
Order Management
  • Normal Order
  • Reorder
  • Order Comments
  • Order Quantity
  • Modifier
  • Cover Number Management
Split Order Invoice
  • Split by Cover
  • Split by Manual
Table Management
  • Table Transfer to Other Tables
  • Tabes Order Assign to Tables
  • Table Merge
  • Payment Management
  • Single/Mix/Multiple Payments
Features :
  • Go beyond the traditional restaurant management practice - IntaPOS is a modern approach towards better management practice that brings out a novel experience to the customer.
  • It is flexible for touch screens as well as desktops.
  • Customization available as per your requirement.
  • Organize what's important on your customized dashboards.
Mobile Ordering

INTA Mobile Ordering is a POS system for mobile devices. It is intergrated with Boost INTAPOS and you can work with mulitiple devices simultaneously.